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Stalking The Wild Asparagus

By Su  //  The Nest  //  1 Comment

Well the post tag for this has been sort of a joke, because that’s what I call looking for/identifying wild things – edibles, medicinals and plants.  This elusive asparagrass wanted to be noticed today.  She was pretty easy to find! It’s definitely a cool thing to see.

On today’s walk I identified horsetail, Johnny Jump Ups, Wild Mustard, I think Crab Apple Blossoms? (smelled AWESOME).  There are some blossoms in which I could not identify that also smelled very nice.  The pink thing is something in my yard which I obtained from the house next to our local health food store in Remus.  Last summer the guy said he just bought the house and was going to clear everything out.  I said WAIT! Let me grab some of this stuff, ok? I still don’t know what this pink blossomed plant is.

I need to get copies of the Peterson’s Field Guides I have had in the past and given away. It’s much easier to identify things with those books handy!


What Flower is This?

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Things have been pretty busy around here, which is a good thing.  Most of you who know me are aware that I have workaholic tendencies.  I’ve vowed to take some time out each day to get outside, stop and smell the flowers!  I just started doing this since the weather has warmed up. I haven’t had a chance to do it every single day, but am getting a bit better at it. My thoughts on this are “even 5-20 minutes make a difference”.

I’ve been trying to take weekends off to get beading done to restock shops and festival goods, but it’s been a difficult task to prioritize this!

My blog has been a bit neglected here so I decided to post some pictures I took on my walk yesterday.  Anyone have any idea what flower/plant this is? It was growing in the wet areas along the dirt road near my house.

Off for a quick walk! 🙂

What flower is this?


Seed Swap

By Su  //  Garden Journal  //  Comments Off on Seed Swap

I was finally able to sneak away some time for gardening today.  I got out there starting at 7:30 am for 2 hours, and tilled the earth by hand in the rain. It was so good!  I’ve been doing so much indoors lately (work related), that it was good to get outside for fresh air and grounding!  My first patch is an area for black eyed Susans, which will be around the perimeter of our porch.  I have a salsa sized jar filled with black eyed susan seeds from my mom, in addition to some extra from my friend Bonnie as well.  read more


Easy Gardening

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Gardening doesn’t get any easier than tossing the seeds from your produce into the soil of your houseplants while cooking dinner.  Gotta love the beauty of heirloom veggies. We planted this beauty in our kitchen last June, and haven’t done anything other than water it every now and then.  Luckily it’s in a great spot that gets eastern sunlight, even during the winter.  Don’t let the picture deceive you, the plant is much bigger than it seems.


I’d love to eventually build a greenhouse addition on the back of the house that’s next to the kitchen, that way we could have an entire room full of lovely green growing beauties all year round! Unfortunately there’s a frustrating stump I have to remove from that part of the yard – which has my overexcited husband already looking on eBay for the best electric chainsaw he can find. Oy vey.



My Beads are Calling

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It’s been a long winter of geekery and web development for Sü this year.  I feel the calling of the beads and fabric big-time these days.  Thanks to all who have patiently waited for their custom order items. Now that these orders have been hammered out, it’s time to start working on more jewelry for the festival season. It’s been a while since I’ve actually vended, so I’m really looking forward to having a booth again.  I’ve got a brand new vending canopy and tent to boot! So far I’ve got dunegrass all set, and will be running down the list to see what other venues look like fun. The gallery circuit may have to wait.  It’s time for me to have more fun in the sun in 2010.

At some point, I’d like to expand my territory to beyond MI again.  Sometimes I really miss the vagabond tour-head lifestyle, but do love the michigan scene as well.  Floyd Fest and Ridgestock would be really cool to attend because I’d be able to spend time with far away friends and family. 😉


Where the Wild Things Are – Endangered Species

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honey-bee We didn’t get a chance to grow a garden this year, so we let some of the weeds grow.  We now have 3 gorgeous acres to contend with, and will need to prepare our garden spots in order to be ready for 2010 planting.  The summer is flying by SO fast!!  We managed to do a little bit of container gardening which consists of a few tomato plants obtained from my dad, and several contained perennial flowers.  I still have a slew of  seeds from the spring.  I put together an order through Jasper’s school in California, but they didn’t make it here until early June.  They’re super nice heirloom varieties, so they should be ok for a few more months! I do plan on setting up some pots with soil this week so I can start some herbs that will winter over in the house.  We have a ton of nice house plants now, and they are thriving in our bay window!  Our plants have never looked so nice!  I truly believe that house plants thrive on human presence.  read more


It’s Jasper!

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Here are a few shots of Jasper having fun in the wheat field across the street. I’m so glad to have my lil’ dude back from California. I missed him so much!! Check out the slide-show view by clicking on the image, and then the arrows. Photos taken by Brother Bear Yovino of B.L.I.S.S. Photography.






Guerilla Gardening Indoors

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We haven’t really planted much outdoors yet.  Jasper planted the bottoms of two romaine lettuce heads yesterday though!  It will be interesting to see how they grow.  I love re-rooting things like that…leeks, green onions, etc.  The little pepper plants here below are a mixture of habenero and jalepeno from seeds Leaf and I have saved along the way.  I’m so thankful that we have this kindred seed saving vibe together.

There are little clovers and renegade purslane happening in there too!



Bead Zone

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I’m SO ready for my new supplies! I checked the tracking and the order is in NY presently. I hope the package arrives before the weekend. For now, get a sneak peak of my mini bead studio nook in the kitchen. Leaf bought me a cute little eeepc for my Birthday! I’m still deciding which flavor of linux to install on it. 😉 This will be a nice tool for doing research on the go. The thing is almost small enough to fit in my purse! Click on the image for a larger view.


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