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20 Minus One Tortillas

By Su  //  The Nest  //  Comments Off on 20 Minus One Tortillas

Nothing compares to the taste of home made tortillas. I can remember cooking fresh tortillas at my next door neighbor’s house as a young one.  We would  toss the tortillas right on the gas stove burner to heat them up, then spread butter on them when they were done.  What a treat!  read more


Kitchen Fun

By Su  //  The Nest  //  Comments Off on Kitchen Fun

It’s so wonderful to be on the upswing from the aftermath of all the “shifting” we went through in late 2008, beginning 2009.  I’m very much enjoying our new kitchen, and thrilled to have a great partner who loves my cooking!  We were getting so tired of doing the quick meal deal for way too long.  I’ve been making home made pita bread, felafel, yummy tahini rich hommus drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, pasties and so much more! I would like to dabble with bread making again at some point.  We have a great health food store in Remus called Hometown Health Foods.  The latest kitchen project Leaf and I have had fun with is making home made gomasio with unhulled organic sesame seeds.  Leaf taught me to add a touch of garlic for extra flavor.  We sometimes add fresh minced garlic during the roasting process for extra flavor.  It’s amazing how many dishes taste great with a dash of sessame sprinkles!

You may click on the image to get a closer look at a portion of my cookbook collection.



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