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I was finally able to sneak away some time for gardening today.  I got out there starting at 7:30 am for 2 hours, and tilled the earth by hand in the rain. It was so good!  I’ve been doing so much indoors lately (work related), that it was good to get outside for fresh air and grounding!  My first patch is an area for black eyed Susans, which will be around the perimeter of our porch.  I have a salsa sized jar filled with black eyed susan seeds from my mom, in addition to some extra from my friend Bonnie as well.  The first patch got a good douse of rain today, so I didn’t have to water.  Bonus!

It’s Friday, and I’d like to get some beading done over the weekend.  This ties into special orders and trades and things of the like. So this is a little announcement for everyone who is awaiting StarSunflower beaded goods.

Below is a list of seeds that were given to me by Bonnie.  I wanted to get an idea of what these all are, as I am kind of a gardening newbie.  My plant familiarity is mostly weeds, lol!  I love those native plants.  So this gives me a little information about what all of these beautiful flowers are.  I’m super excited about it. With gratitude for this awesome bounty of seed stock, I’m going to be making Bonnie a custom peyote stitch or two to put in her braids. Oh, btw…I got some cool feathers too!  They will work awesome for dream catchers. 🙂



Those who plant kindness harvest Love


Here’s the awesome list:

Veronica (White and Purple):

Moon Flower:


Shasta Daisy:


Balloon Flower:


Black Eyed Susan:

Russian Sage:

Morning Glory:


Silver Dollar:


We have a new garden friend in addition to the bunnies! After a FB discussion, our friend Betsi discovered that he’s a 13 striped ground squirrel.  Leaf took this pic with his phone while he was mowing the lawn.

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