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We finally made it to Anderson & Girls before closing time.  This is a petting farm & gift shop that is in route when we pick up and drop off Leaf’s son  in Charlotte MI.  They have the best red kernel popcorn around!  I *just* ran out, so it was awesome timing.  We got to pet a bunch of critters.  The goats love me, lol.  I got to do some cheek scratchin’ and horn pullin’.  This just reinforces my love and desire to get some farm animals at some point.

Now I have to make sure we stop there when Jasper is here. We used to go to a place called Lewis Farm Market, which is north of Rothbury.  After we moved, it was less likely of a trip.  Anderson & Girls is right on the way during our treks to pick up Johnny, so I’m excited to have an awesome place to go to pet critters again.  Can’t beat the popcorn either. 😉

4 Comments to “Farm Trip”

  • …great pics! I love farms like these with critters you can pet. I get to Lewis`s lil`zoo every year just to love on the animals. They had two baby camels last year!

  • Oh no way! Baby critters are soOoOoo cute! We really miss Lewis Farm Market. Jasper really digs that place. It was soo good to get outside and play for a while. I’d love to live on a farm. Oh, btw, we’re going to till our garden this weekend, woohoo! Finally! 😀 Thanks for stopping by and checking out the pics. 😉

  • and there is an alpaca farm right over by tubbs lake with a gift shop 😉

    • Really? I did not know this. Will definitely have to check that out during the next Tubbs Lake Resort trip Thanks Gary! 🙂

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