Easy Gardening

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Gardening doesn’t get any easier than tossing the seeds from your produce into the soil of your houseplants while cooking dinner.  Gotta love the beauty of heirloom veggies. We planted this beauty in our kitchen last June, and haven’t done anything other than water it every now and then.  Luckily it’s in a great spot that gets eastern sunlight, even during the winter.  Don’t let the picture deceive you, the plant is much bigger than it seems.


I’d love to eventually build a greenhouse addition on the back of the house that’s next to the kitchen, that way we could have an entire room full of lovely green growing beauties all year round! Unfortunately there’s a frustrating stump I have to remove from that part of the yard – which has my overexcited husband already looking on eBay for the best electric chainsaw he can find. Oy vey.


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