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Stalking The Wild Asparagus

By Su  //  The Nest  //  1 Comment

Well the post tag for this has been sort of a joke, because that’s what I call looking for/identifying wild things – edibles, medicinals and plants.  This elusive asparagrass wanted to be noticed today.  She was pretty easy to find! It’s definitely a cool thing to see.

On today’s walk I identified horsetail, Johnny Jump Ups, Wild Mustard, I think Crab Apple Blossoms? (smelled AWESOME).  There are some blossoms in which I could not identify that also smelled very nice.  The pink thing is something in my yard which I obtained from the house next to our local health food store in Remus.  Last summer the guy said he just bought the house and was going to clear everything out.  I said WAIT! Let me grab some of this stuff, ok? I still don’t know what this pink blossomed plant is.

I need to get copies of the Peterson’s Field Guides I have had in the past and given away. It’s much easier to identify things with those books handy!


What Flower is This?

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Things have been pretty busy around here, which is a good thing.  Most of you who know me are aware that I have workaholic tendencies.  I’ve vowed to take some time out each day to get outside, stop and smell the flowers!  I just started doing this since the weather has warmed up. I haven’t had a chance to do it every single day, but am getting a bit better at it. My thoughts on this are “even 5-20 minutes make a difference”.

I’ve been trying to take weekends off to get beading done to restock shops and festival goods, but it’s been a difficult task to prioritize this!

My blog has been a bit neglected here so I decided to post some pictures I took on my walk yesterday.  Anyone have any idea what flower/plant this is? It was growing in the wet areas along the dirt road near my house.

Off for a quick walk! 🙂

What flower is this?


20 Minus One Tortillas

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Nothing compares to the taste of home made tortillas. I can remember cooking fresh tortillas at my next door neighbor’s house as a young one.  We would  toss the tortillas right on the gas stove burner to heat them up, then spread butter on them when they were done.  What a treat!  read more


Farm Trip

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We finally made it to Anderson & Girls before closing time.  This is a petting farm & gift shop that is in route when we pick up and drop off Leaf’s son  in Charlotte MI.  They have the best red kernel popcorn around!  I *just* ran out, so it was awesome timing.  We got to pet a bunch of critters.  The goats love me, lol.  I got to do some cheek scratchin’ and horn pullin’.  This just reinforces my love and desire to get some farm animals at some point.

Now I have to make sure we stop there when Jasper is here. We used to go to a place called Lewis Farm Market, which is north of Rothbury.  After we moved, it was less likely of a trip.  Anderson & Girls is right on the way during our treks to pick up Johnny, so I’m excited to have an awesome place to go to pet critters again.  Can’t beat the popcorn either. 😉


Easy Gardening

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Gardening doesn’t get any easier than tossing the seeds from your produce into the soil of your houseplants while cooking dinner.  Gotta love the beauty of heirloom veggies. We planted this beauty in our kitchen last June, and haven’t done anything other than water it every now and then.  Luckily it’s in a great spot that gets eastern sunlight, even during the winter.  Don’t let the picture deceive you, the plant is much bigger than it seems.


I’d love to eventually build a greenhouse addition on the back of the house that’s next to the kitchen, that way we could have an entire room full of lovely green growing beauties all year round! Unfortunately there’s a frustrating stump I have to remove from that part of the yard – which has my overexcited husband already looking on eBay for the best electric chainsaw he can find. Oy vey.



Where the Wild Things Are – Endangered Species

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honey-bee We didn’t get a chance to grow a garden this year, so we let some of the weeds grow.  We now have 3 gorgeous acres to contend with, and will need to prepare our garden spots in order to be ready for 2010 planting.  The summer is flying by SO fast!!  We managed to do a little bit of container gardening which consists of a few tomato plants obtained from my dad, and several contained perennial flowers.  I still have a slew of  seeds from the spring.  I put together an order through Jasper’s school in California, but they didn’t make it here until early June.  They’re super nice heirloom varieties, so they should be ok for a few more months! I do plan on setting up some pots with soil this week so I can start some herbs that will winter over in the house.  We have a ton of nice house plants now, and they are thriving in our bay window!  Our plants have never looked so nice!  I truly believe that house plants thrive on human presence.  read more


Guerilla Gardening Indoors

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We haven’t really planted much outdoors yet.  Jasper planted the bottoms of two romaine lettuce heads yesterday though!  It will be interesting to see how they grow.  I love re-rooting things like that…leeks, green onions, etc.  The little pepper plants here below are a mixture of habenero and jalepeno from seeds Leaf and I have saved along the way.  I’m so thankful that we have this kindred seed saving vibe together.

There are little clovers and renegade purslane happening in there too!



Kitchen Fun

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It’s so wonderful to be on the upswing from the aftermath of all the “shifting” we went through in late 2008, beginning 2009.  I’m very much enjoying our new kitchen, and thrilled to have a great partner who loves my cooking!  We were getting so tired of doing the quick meal deal for way too long.  I’ve been making home made pita bread, felafel, yummy tahini rich hommus drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, pasties and so much more! I would like to dabble with bread making again at some point.  We have a great health food store in Remus called Hometown Health Foods.  The latest kitchen project Leaf and I have had fun with is making home made gomasio with unhulled organic sesame seeds.  Leaf taught me to add a touch of garlic for extra flavor.  We sometimes add fresh minced garlic during the roasting process for extra flavor.  It’s amazing how many dishes taste great with a dash of sessame sprinkles!

You may click on the image to get a closer look at a portion of my cookbook collection.




Home with Seeds & Flowers

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I was very surprised to find a sunflower boquet which incorporated Queen Anne’s lace and some sort of coniferous blossoms today.  I’ve been rooting green onion bottoms again too!  It’s neat to be able to utilize something that would go to the compost and watch it grow.  We’ve been saving seeds from various peppers, including habaneros. It would be fun to do a guerrilla gardening project this summer with jasper, and donate “seed bombs”  to people in inner city areas.  If you click on the images below, you can get a better look.

Seeds 2


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