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Why Twitter is Like Grateful Dead Tour

By Su  //  Hippie Lifestyle  //  3 Comments

After seeing my 10th one page website containing an autoplay featured video and some sort of “buy it now” schpeil at the bottom, I came to the realization that twitter is like Dead Tour.  Yeah.  Why it took a one page ad to come to this conclusion, I do not know.  Maybe it’s because when I was on Dead Tour there were thousands of people rubbing elbows and bumping into each other all over the parking lot.  A lot of them were selling thier goods.  One would hear “Icey cold Sammy Smiths right here!”, and “beautiful hand made patchy dresses!, or “get your phatty french bread pizza, nice and hot!”.  You’d likely hear something about sweet treat stuff like “goo balls” as well.  All the while people move in a hustle and bustle on Shakedown Street. We even came up with a one line in attempts to incorporate all of them into one long schpeil – “get your icey cold kind veggie rainbow patchwork hand made hippie stuff right here!”.

I’m facinated by twitter and enthralled with all of it’s hashtags and nuances.  I can forgive the people with the one page ads.  Everyone has something to share, wether it be goods or simple joy of beingness.  I just don’t do infomercials and uber sales mentality. Some people have to learn about really connecting. I really enjoy seeing people share thier Etsy creations and beautiful works of art. So any of you who may be reading this post who haven’t have a chance to experience the “lot scene” at such kind of events, I liken it to the twitter experience.  The masses of people pooling together in a swarm of unique beingness.  Cheers!

Photography by: Konni2727 and Sonoma Picman

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