I’m into all things crafty. I’ve been beading and sewing as a profession since 1993. It all intensified when my roommate asked me to go on Dead tour and guerilla vend with her on Shakedown Street. I’ve also shared cooperative booths at Michigan music festivals including Bliss, Farm Fest, Blues Sunday and Spirit Of The Woods. I’m inspired by planting seeds and singing songs, local wild edibles and medicinals, bottles, trash, dryer lint and sometimes cat tail fuzz for stuffing, jars, twigs, sticks, marbles, beads, scrap copper electrical wire, gemstones, sacred geometry, spiritual endeavors, being a busy bee, community cooking fires, pot lucks, drum circles, and the pheonix rising up from the fire to the luminous lovelight of the One. I would love to inspire or create an artist cooperative in Central Michigan. Building cob houses, creating svo and wvo kilns to recycle glass into treasures and make pottery. One of my passions is to utilize things that the masses typically throw away and turn these disrespected items into useful, respected functional artwork.


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