A Day at Tubb’s Lake Resort

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Jasper and I had so much fun at Tubb’s Lake yesterday! It was a bit chilly and rainy, but jasper managed to catch a few fish! None of them were really keepers, but it was good fishing practice for him. I didn’t realize that he had already gained some casting experience from previous boating excursions with his grandpa Henry. We went on an excellent boat ride with Gary & Kim. I managed to get a few camera shots of some wildlife too. I’ve never taken pictures while moving in a boat. It took quite a steady hand and focus.

I just had to get a couple shots of the custom fire stations made from “reclaimed” washer bins and truck rims. The one that has a scavenged lawn mower base is such a hoot! They put the mower on the bottom so they could wheel the thing away when they cut the grass! Fun fun.

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